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My big ass #foot lol

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I got a message from an anonymous person expressing their polite displeasure with my baseball kick tonight… my response is this…
Why not?  Baseball to me is a small slice of summer joy served with a side of hot dogs, peanuts, cold beer and cracker jacks, all wrapped in the red, white and blue.  There is something about the simplicity or 3 strikes, 3 bases, a ball and a bat which makes life just a tad bit more enjoyable.  People complain that baseball is boring, the games take too long, that baseball pales in comparison to other harder hitting sports but that’s where it appeals to me… it’s a game of finesse, it’s a game of risks, it’s America’s summer pastime, it’s a game of beauty.
My sons have both been loving and playing baseball for a couple years now and I couldn’t be more delighted.  I appreciate the fact that they can sit and watch 9 innings of baseball and never complain when the game drags on, or when the pitcher attempts to pick-off a runner on first, they love this game and even at such young ages they enjoy the “cat and mouse” that is baseball.  I never complain about the baseball cards on the floor, the baseball bags littering the doorway to their bedroom, the missed bedtimes when we watch games together, or their desire to play catch with ol’ dad in the backyard.
Baseball is part of who I am as an American and though I may not be what you call fanatical it makes the lazy, hazy days of summer that more enjoyable and I will always post baseball imagery whenever the spirit moves me… I hope you’ll humor me.


New shoes.

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